01 October 2007


on aug 10th. my kia was squished beyond use by a laurel oak!
(good riddance...i'd been secretly hoping for a car change.)
and viola!! i got my new car today!

i didn't have comprehensive coverage (now i know what that is!).
i was lucky enough that the tree was on county property. thus
making it a 'county tree'. it took me over 2 months of what
seemed like a part time job to get it all sorted out.

here's the good news. i bought a replacement car for 700 bucks!
and. i like it a lot. i'm rather smitten with ms. bridgette consuela!

...check out the dope interior! the seats rule!

i even put in a whole new sound system so she sings a pretty song!

i know this is a 20 year old car but, she runs like a dream!
she's a 5-speed and driving stick is so much fun!

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