12 November 2007


i've always like these plants. my family always either called them mother-in-law's tongues or snake plants. i just call them tongues.
2 of my primo friends, matt & orel, are rathe smitten with these plants as well. they've been buying buckets of them and planting them lately.
just last week while i was across the street letting the neighbors dog out. i peeked through their fence into the backyard next door of a vacant house. my next door neighbor is taking care of the yard and stuff. well, guess what my eyes feasted on in that backyard? 2 of the biggest thickets of tongues i've seen! i asked my neighbor if i could maybe have some of the off shoots...these things really are taking over that backyard...it's glorious!
i got a bunch and now i want more!

as you can see they are sharing a flower box....i still have some pretty coleus and a bushy basil plant i haven't been able to rip out. i would like to fill the whole box in with tongues!

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