20 October 2008

We miss Eli & Euclid!!

When we moved into the house we are in now we couldn't figure out how to make us all fit (us all being John, Mike, Eli, Euclid and myself) so....we temporarily placed Eli & Euclid at my dad's house......upon getting very settled in the Termino St house we made the move to bring the cats 'home' and my dad wouldn't budge on releasing them to us!! They have a grand life in a huge country house. Eli stays inside like a King and Euclid has run of the property!! We miss them to no end and even though Mike was only about 9 months old when we split the group he remembers them well and goes hunting for them upon hearing their names! Look at what lovey dovey kitties they are:

...Mike and Euclid were so sweet when they were little together, I want my Euclid back!!!!

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