11 January 2009

a nice little visit with janet.

I spent a most lovely evening with Janet in her super sweet pad. She so totally has a keen eye that Janet, I'll tell ya!

We had some brewskis and sat around chit-chatting and catching up for a while working up an appetite. Then we meandered out into the night down Howard for some tacos! I just had to pick out beer that was 11% alcohol (Orange Blossom Brew) and got too tipsy to sit. ... . .so we took a most refreshing stroll along Bayshore in the night aire under the biggest moon of 2009. Sweet.

Janet's home is full of clean lines and simplicity. 
It's clear she has a profound appreciation for subtleties.
Everything is smooth and functional in J-dub's pad!
I didn't capture her camera collection.....next time!

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