21 January 2009


I wonder how much we take them for granted? They are such a huge part of our lives. I started thinking about them yesterday as I was watching the Inauguration coverage on tv. They were showing crowds from FDR's Inauguration day and as I was reading the signs that people were holding up I noticed the text, the fonts...how they are some of the same ones that are widely used today. 
We are clearly surrounded by text in our modern lives, in every room, on every package, around every corner...pretty much every where we look we find words; letters.

So in ode to letters and how very special they are:
I find that showcasing a single letter in your home decor is fun & decadent even! Putting together letters to spell out something can be rather charming as well. Letters to display & decorate with are fairly easy to find. Of course, I am partial to vintage ones. I found lots on etsy. For example:

This delicious green A can be found on etsy in ModishVintage's shop.

These lovely letters PPL can also be found on etsy in jbellantoni's shop!

You can find this amazing red 

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