24 January 2009

a memoir: Orange Grove Granny

I've lost my last living grandparent. My Paternal Grandmother whom I've called my Orange Grove Granny most of my life. The story goes that I distinctly started calling her Granny in the Trees at a very early age. Orange Grove Granny lived in the middle of the orange grove that my Poppy farmed (as opposed to my Granny that lived in town). It was his parents land that they bought when they landed in the States from Poland.

My Orange Grove Granny was Ruth Hendry Odowski. 
Born in 1919, she lived to be 89.

Eating watermelon on the shore of Lake Alfred in July 1956.

  She survived her husband (my Poppy) Narcys Odowski.

And her 3 children survived her!
Pictured here from left to right: Aunt Judy (Judith Novack) holding 'the baby', 
Aunt Ellie (Eleanor Miles) and my dad, David Narcys Odowski.

I particularly love this picture of her. ...the caption on the back written by
Aunt Judy reads, 'Mom didn't spill her Eggnogg even though she looks
like she did!'....so cute!!! My Orange Grove Granny has always reminded
me of Julia Childs (perhaps a reason of my utter love for Julia??).

Valentine's Day 1974. 
A wee me in the lap of my Orange Grove Granny.


  1. What a loving tribute! Really enjoyed the photos. Are there any of you and her together? (you look like your Dad)
    xo Sheri

  2. oh, i'm sorry alison. what a sweet blog entry about your beloved grammy. i have an orange grove grammy too. i think i will scan an old school photos for you. love you.

  3. These are such lovely relics of your Orange Grove Granny. I am so sorry for your loss, lovey, but am so glad you had such a wonderful connection to her. And I am so glad you have such good genes so we can pass the green back and forth when we're old bitties.