17 February 2009


I love plants. I have quite a few, nothing out of hand. It's interesting though, most of my favourite plants are plants that my Grandmothers had. My Orange Grove Granny always had a 'Lipstick' plant on her front porch & lots of Christmas Cacti. My other Granny had Staghorns, Rabbits Foot and a big Hydrangea bush [she would toy with the colour of the blooms by putting different acidic things around the base of the bush!]. 

Here are pictures of my Stag!

I love my Stag and hope it grows to be gigantic like my neighbour, Beverly's! Her biggest one is bigger than my Volkswagen, seriously. And she has two others that are almost as big that have 'broken off' of her main plant and then a few other ones ranging in size. She waters hers and throws overripe bananas in the top for food! It must be really good for them because she has the biggest most gorgeous Stags I've ever seen and being from the South, I've seen my share of them!
Last summer I was in Beverly's backyard one day chit chatting as she was watering her plants and as she squirted the hose into the top of her Mama Stag a whole family of possums cam tumbling out!!! That's how big it is! AND.....that's what had been driving my dogs bonkers the previous week!

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