10 February 2009

a new fav artist!!!

I went to an art show a ways back with Lauren at Transitions (really I think it was at the Skatepark but, whatevs) called '99 Bottles on the Wall'. I fell completely madly obsessed in love with one of the bottles that of course was sold! I was in such a swooning tizzy that I neglected to take note of the artist's name. Der.

Luckily Lauren has some wits about her....she found out who painted that bottle I wouldn't shut up about and (as you'll see on his website) ordered a book of his prints for me as a surprise!!

The artist is: Chris Ryniak

Here's the very bottle itself. Oh, just seeing it.....I need it!!

Isn't it the very most????

Here are a few other works of his that I think are rad:

*I think Chris Ryniak has a real knack with teeth!

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