06 February 2009

A trip to the thrift store!

It's beautiful outside; I have the day off and some time on my hands.
It's the perfect opportunity to hit up a thrift store.
And I have time to go to one that's a bit away.

I always bring my own bags.

I try and always have a drink and a snack with me too!

I made it!
I am fully aware of my power as a consumer.
Yes, even when thrifting. I love to buy as many things 2nd hand as possible. It is a fantastic way to save loads of money. I also prefer to shop at thrift stores where I know the money I make my purchases with is going towards a good cause (whether it just be supporting a locally owned shop or it's a social services store such as this one).
Look at these rad clip on ties I passed up!

This is the upstairs part of the store I was at. 
I scored some great stuffs on this venture!
Yay, it was a success!!!

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