19 November 2009

a sweet & simple birthday

This year for my birthday my wishes were simple: to sleep in and to go for a nice walk through the woods with my Boo and dog, Mike. All wishes came true! AND....as we strolled along the boardwalk at one of my favourite Tampa parks (Lettuce Lake Park) we noticed lots of very large amazing empty snail shells laying around. My very sweet Boo took off his shoes and socks and jumped down in the muck to collect this basket of beauties now dubbed: my birthday snails!
I have big plans for these shells too! I'll keep it a surprise and post when they come to fruition. Can't wait!!

It's almost 2 years later and I've moved a few times and out of the country on top of that! I still have a few of those snail shells and I tresure them dearly! <3!

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