08 January 2010

showers in guatemala

I can only assume the showers in Guatemala are Italian because of the Italian writing on them. They are weird. I mean you get shocked once in a while when you adjust the water flow (unless someone was really super smart and put a rubber coated knob thingy in the shower). I quickly got used to it and would only adust the water with a cloth unless I was standing out of the shower, ie: not in a puddle of water just asking to be shocked!

At first I was a little leary of these showers but, I soon grew to love them! They are electric (obviously, right) and the hot water is generated right there in that big ol' weird showerhead....which means...as much hot water as you want. Now. The water pressure wasn't all that fantastic but, it wasn't any worse than at my Tampa Casita so, all in all, Guate showers win over Tampa showers! When do I get to go back??

Let's talk about the wall colour in the above 2 photos....nice!

As you can see here in this shower...the handle has a rubber sheath on it....there were no shocks in this shower. I really wish I would have taken a picture of every shower I was in there. Each one was so very different. One of the many aspects of Guate that I find so endearing.
Look for a Guate ghetto rigging blog soon!

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