11 January 2010

a special sorry package

Very recently my honey bunny and I spent the night at one of his besties house for the night. We had to use his truck for an errand whilst we were there. Once we got home (about a 2 hour drive) low and behold, we realized we had the bestie's truck keys, whoops!! So we packaged them up quick in a priority mailing envelope and seeing as how it was a flat rate envelope we decided to make him a super special sorry package! One of the first things we made for it was a buch of jalapeno peppers with little labels on them that said SORRY!. We thought we were just so clever and so funny and we just knew we were going to get the best reaction. We did not. Look at our SORRY! peppers....aren't they just the cutest sorry things you've seen?!?!?

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