10 January 2010

two weeks sans coffee.

wow! it's been two weeks since i stopped drinking coffee. the first week i didn't notice much of a difference. 1/2 way through the second week and i started feeling rather different. i've only been slightly tempted to have a cup of coffee but, strangely enough both times have been in the afternoon & evening; not in the morning as i would have suspected. all in all, i think ditching coffee for tea is going to be a great thing!!!

*my first step was to remove the coffee maker from my kitchen. i did this once i had used up all my coffee (waste not, want not). the second step of my master 'forget about coffee' plan was to set up a conveinent tea 'station' in my kitchen (pictured here). a very important componet for me was to have an electric stainless steel kettle....it's a dream!! boiling water in a minute! tea of choice lately is: organic english breakfast tea. no cream. no sugar.

2010: a year of healthy choices for me!

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