22 March 2010

Industrial Living Part 1

I have been daydreaming of living in commerical space for ages!
And finally I get to conquer the challenge of making it happen!
One weekend afternoon Zach and I were driving around the Heavy Industrial neighbourhood by Palmetto Beach and came across a ugly little building on a corner with a big fenced in lot area with a for rent sign in the front of it. I immeadiately stopped the car and as I took it in, I said, I love this place, we should try and rent it and live here!
It took us over a week to get in touch with anyone about renting it. We found out they were asking $700 a month. Upon seeing the space we saw how much work it really needs (especially for it to be our house) and we worked it out that we will pay $500 a month and fix the place up!

When you walk in the front door you enter the first of 2 big rooms. It is a big open room with 13' ceilings. The only thing in the room is the crudest 1/2 bath and a gross utility sink laying on the floor on an outside of the ugly bathroom build out.

The adjustments we are going to make to the above picture are: finish painting the interior walls white, make the bathroom door open out instead of in, put a free standing tub where the utility sink is, paint the floors (the colour is going to be one of many surprises!) and put a kitchen on the right side of the far wall below.

There is so much to do and I am so excited about all of it, it's hard to sit still most of the time!

So very much more to come....

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