29 April 2010

Hay Bale Garden Part 2

The bales have been officially 'seasoned' and seeds have been sown!

And the first plant has been planted in a bale. We picked this plant up from our local organic gardening supply, Worm's Way and we aren't sure what kind of a plant it is. Here are the possiblities as we see it: squash of some kind? watermelon? I really think it's a squash.

We still have 3 bales unplanted. Going in one will be Swiss Chard and Cherry Tomatoes in another. The third might be for herbs....we're not sure yet. Oh yeah!! The third bale is for our Hot Peppers: Anaheim, Cayenne, Jalapeno, Santa Fe Grande & Serrano!!
Ha Cha Cha!!

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