09 April 2010

Industrial Living Part 3-The Kitchen

I call it a kitchen.

It's not home until the Fiestaware
is out and ready for use. I've
cooked a few meals in my
new kitchenso far. Each meal
helps me fine tune the setup.
So far so good! Each meal
has been fun and delicious!

Today for lunch I cooked organic spinach in the wok with little baby tomatoes along with: fresh garlic, onions and sesame oil. It was delicious served over Basmati rice.

I got to wash the spinach outside in the sunshine!
I truly love having a partial outdoor kitchen!

Super happy to have time to juice as often as I like!! Today we had carrot and beet juice.

After we drank our juice I filled our glasses up with water to make use of every last drop of juice. As a result our water had the most beautiful colour to it. This picture shows how nicely the daylight is diffused in our warehouse home.

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