21 April 2010

platform bed: conquered for free!

When we moved into the warehouse we tossed the makeshift bed base I had. I thought we would simply leave mattress on the floor...that didn't last. I've been on the hunt for a solution to get the mattress off the floor for weeks. We live a few blocks from Ikea so, naturally I went in search of a reasonably priced one there. I found a few but there was always something about them that did not jive!

Driving around Tampa on an errand Zach and I were driving through little weird back neighbourhood and found this little production shoppe that had a stacks of pallets outside of different sizes and woods. We asked if we could take some and we picked these cute small pallets that are 19" x 26" and incredibly, 9 of them together in a grid, are the exact size of a queen size mattress!!!! They are perfect in everyway & they were free!!!

In wrapping this up, I realized not only did we accomplish this for free. We also recycled something and didn't partake in consumerism, yay!

And they maintained the extreme simplicity that we were both striving for.

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