22 October 2011

luck + me = sweet tv with a dope cozy

Flat screen tv covered, when not in use, with childs huipil from Todos Santos.
Lucky: 1. Recently was given a sweet little flat screen tv*. 2. We have free cable. Me: Really happy to have it. But, it can't just stare me down all the time.
TV Cozy: Used traje. A little girls huipil from Todos Santos.

This is a great solution for me. I get to look at something that I admire so much while at the same time concealing the television screen and keeping it dust free while not in use. Win, win.

*Haven't had tv in over a year. Recently I stayed a long weekend at a besties house in the states and her husband gave me a tv. It's just right, small, light weight flat screen. I surprised Zach with it....we are so grateful! It's so much fun to have it! We get a channel from Germany, one from Italy, and one from France. A bunch from Mexico and South America...it's really cool to see news and stuff from other countries.  Not to go on but, there are a few good movie channels too. El Pelicula plays really old Spanish movies 24/7...always a great go-to and it's really helping me with my Spanish! Oh, another great thing is that they let all the cussing fly here. Nothing is bleeped out and it's great! To just hear people speak for real and uninterrupted. Bueno Onda!

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