26 October 2011

xela cemetary = xela dogpark (for us)

Having 2 dogs (Mike and Marcel) and living in a city with no yard puts us in dire need of a dog park. Well, it's probably no surprise that Xela doesn't have a 'dog park'. But, we're lucky that just a few blocks from our house is Xela's gigantic amazing cemetary which serves as a really great dog park for us!
All the boys get to run off their energy....it's a good thing!

Mike really gives Zach a run for his money or rather...honey.
Water faucets for doggie drinks....how perf!

At 1st this is the only way Mike would drink out of the faucet. He owns it now.

Marcel has loved hiding/playing in the tall grass since Day 1.

Yay! Grass & sunshine!!

Not only do we have expansive lawns for dog play;
look at gorgeous Volcan Santa Maria looming in the distance.

PS-These are all pictures from 1 year ago and Mr. Marcel is all grown up now. 

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