19 March 2012

homestead babies / chickens ducks & turkeys

         Getting ready for our little homestead!

2 of the lovely young lady chickens.

2 of the darling lil duckies!

This is our male turkey.

We got a trio of turkeys, a tom and two ladies. It should be easier to resist naming him Tommy, I will resist! I am very interested to watch these turkeys grow and become our friends. We have high hopes that they will aide us in insect control in our garden and I keep reading what great pets they make.

The ducks are so cute! We fill a giant bowl and watch them swim in the sunshine everyday. They are just darling and the youngest out of all these birds.

The chickens are very present and make eye contact! I look forward to loving them and collecting their eggs. Raising these babies is going to be so rewarding and fun!

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