03 May 2007


i've been busy but, slack this year. i had a very nice break from selling crafts and am getting back in the swing of things. fun.

i did start a crafty diary and actually kept up with it for about 2 weeks or so. it's here on my links.

the really new fun thing i've started doing is selling vintage stuff. i love love it. i opened a new shop on etsy: sidedish on april 3rd. ..i don't know what is the best part about it? all of it! i love hunting and finding great pieces...i adore photographing them and selling them is the coolest. i hope it keeps going well because, it's something i would like to kept doing and maybe do as my main job. heh.

i am thinking to streamline all of my internet junk into this one blog. i'll lump in my etsy shops endeavours, my myspaces, crafting out loud stuff, my diaryland crafty log and ummm me (can't leave out random pix of mike and stuff) all on here.


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