08 May 2007


and. what. i officially own my very own digital camera and it is pretty much the camera i've been pining after! and it's mine all mine!! here it is:
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i've had my brother's camera on loan for the past couple of months or so. i fell in love with his. it's a fujifilm s5000. it's rad. when you hit the shutter button, it takes the picture with zero delay. that has always been the thing that bugged me the mostest about digicams. and probably why i could never bring myself to buy one. well, my brother and his gf were at target on sunday and they ran across my camera nib on clearance for 150 freaking dollars! thank goodness i'd been stashing money here and there and could get it. SWEETNESS. i'm pretty stoked on it.

yippy skippy. i have my own kick arse digital camera! yay for me.

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