02 August 2008

hillsborough river state park

hillsborough river state park is one of florida's original state parks. it was one of 8 built by the civilian conservation corp around 1938. the park totals 3,383 acres, 1,040 of which are wetlands. most of the park is a live oak hammock. the area is very lush and teeming with life! we've had a lot of rain lately and the vegetation is wild! 

i find these mushrooms to be rather fantastic!

the park is divided by the hillsborough river. one of few rivers in florida to have
'rapids'. the rapids are created from outcroppings of limestone. trees line the river bank thickly creating great foot path steps with their many exposed roots. 

john had a great time checking all of this out....as you can see!

 here is the alligator we watched swim by. (i am tempted to write slither but, the gator was most definitely swimming...the water was clear enough for us to see its feet and tail being used 
as its paddle and rudder) this was pretty exciting as john has never seen anything like this being from the pacific northwest/west coast! welcome to florida, land of many critters.

a super cute little green lizard saying hi!

                                                          a banana spider hanging out.

i love the
turtles &
they love
the sun.

i was most enamoured with the mold, fungi, moss, ferns and other vegetation!! the colours of mold and stuff right now is beyond intriguing and inspiring. it was a lovely stroll through swampy woody florida land!!!!

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