13 August 2008

a nice visit with matt

         matt and danny grabbed me from the airport and we went in for some sunshine.


                   we took a little stroll through the woods to get to a favourite little watering hole of danny's.

               pretty chillax            

                          we watched these geese thoroughly clean themselves. we were fascinated!

this is a cicada. i've heard them buzzing in the trees in florida most of my life and this is the first time i've ever laid eyes on one.
well, there are a lot in delaware and in turn there are a lot of cicada killers. ...these huge buzzy bugs that look like a dragonfly wasp! apparently they do fly-by stings!

yep! matt and i got 'our' favourite beer!
it is the high life, after all. matt's still
as grouchy as ever, haa ha ha!

uhh, then we drank malibu with 7-up, that some crazy girls brought over. 

that pretty much sums up the first day.

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