03 February 2009

tokens of your love

I don't know if you celebrate Valentine's Day. If you do and have a lovey (or loveys!!) in your life that you want to give a 'token of your love' to here are a few gift ideas from etsy. ... .that are all super sweet and just perf!

LOVE this wall decal from: tasty suite!!

I can't express enough how much I LOVE the stuffs in this store!
(if any one so feels compelled to send me a gift, please let it be this!)

This delicious apple stationary set and lovey bear pin are both from Scatter Box Originals.

Who wouldn't love to get this polar bear with a balloon??
He can be found at Pearson Maron's etsy shop.

Who ever gets this would think of you every time the coze up in this scarflette!
It's in the super cute etsy shop: knitXcorE!!!

This print is so sweet, it will make anyone feel super loved!!!!
I wish they made it in a huge poster size, wouldn't that be the most?
Find this print and a whole bunch of other rad ones at:

Ciao, I hope you have a lovely day no matter where you are, who you are with or what you do!

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  1. These are fabulous picks!!! :) I LOVE the Love decal and PearsonMaron's bear especially! Thank you SO much for including my pink wafer cookie image (available in lots of sizes LOL!) :)