26 October 2010

Resurfacing in a whole new place.

A lot has changed since my last post except, funny enough, I am still ovenless and happy!(Sounds like a future post to me.) The biggest change is my recent move to Guatemala. I have always wanted to live in another culture. I have been thinking one of the best things about getting older is actually having my dreams come to fruition.

we live in the white house.
after walking the streets of xela for a week looking for a place to live, we moved into another hostel in a different part of town. as we were on the roof of the hostel checking out the view and most certainly spying for a house to rent we set our sights on the white house, after finding it (everything here is behind walls, it's a land of walls and big strong doors-again, a future post) from the street, we found out it was empty, for rent and in our budget. it's home for now.

*another change worth noting is the name of this blog. 'happy in the humidity' was left behind in florida, i was very tempted to go wtih 'happy in the highlands' but, instead decided to stick with a very favourite theme sentence of mine. time is for the birds

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